Source:Fida    Time:2016-03-31

To encourage employees to participate in the company management positively, develop the potential ability of all the staff, represent the owership sense, promote the continuous improvement , improve labor productivity and economic benefits, enhance the core competitive power, in the afternoon of March 30, 2016, the company carried out the first phase activity, “YOU SUGGEST WE UNDERTAKE, EVERYONE PUTS FORWARD REASONABLE PROPOSAL”, core theme is "cost decreased, quality increased". During the activities, there were more than 100pcs proposal were collected, including quality improvement, energy conservation and emissions reduction, simplify the process, reduce the production cost, and many other aspects
Per group member revealed, this activity will be a series,every two month for different topic.for sure, some one, whose suggestion is adopted will be rewarded. This time, all staffs were divided into 12 groups, organized by the Party committee,Labour union,Youth League Committee and Women's Federation members and parts of party members.
Each team leader express the purpose of this activity before started, that is to encourage staffs participate in management, in the meanwhile, around the core theme “cost decreased, quality increased”, each process still goes in order.

Come on, let’s in a circle, say something about the ideas and difficulties, or solutions

Staffs were giving their suggestion, we were listening and making records

In rest time, elder sisters from molding group had their own words, just want to make work better. Gushing, seems can’t brake.

See, our guards thought highly of it, uniformly dressed up,expressed their ideas, our recorder was so busy with making records

This was one of the most imposing group.Didn’t think they are energetic and seems like the country leader’s meeting? They offered more than 20 advice.

And this group, liked attending the National People’s Congress session. All of them, one by one, making a speech in turn.

Also this group, provided many useful suggestion, we will share more with you after appraisal results come out.


As long as yr suggestion is positive, thoughtful, insightful, we are all ears, because we are family. We are in the same big family, it needs careness, development, progress.


Actually, the management and development of enterprises need reasonable suggestions, also attaches great importance to mobilize the enthusiasm, all staff can participate in the decision-making, management. If so, Fida will have a more prosperous future.
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