FIDA established mutual funds,gather all people’s power to help the employees facing difficulties
Source:Fida    Time:2016-04-21

During the lantern Festival,the company develop an activity of “blessing for the new year,flying the dreams”.In this activity all the employees written down their new year’s dream and wish.According to the incomplete statistic,40% people wish himself,family and friends health and peace.
In order to realize these wish,the company issued “the regulation of mutual funds collection”,the labor union leaded to establish this mutual funds,and the funds was collected voluntarily by employees.When the employees suffered from such as serious illness,or their family suffered from natural disasters, or poor families’ children can't go to university, and the employees who involved in our mutual funds can obtain the help from mutual funds, so they can reduce family’s economic pressure.
On the morning of April 21, 2016,FIDA held a ceremony to start the mutual funds.


The scene of mutual funds collection

Yu Xufei,The director of the commission for examination and approval in Labour union ,said:The purpose for the company establish the mutual funds is to help the colleagues to pull through ," Many hands make light work", I am here to represent the staffs who will have difficulties in the future to express thanks first to the colleagues who participate in the donation today. She said: "The mutual funds will be collected every month at 15th, and will published the statistics at the same day, all donations will accept the supervision of the people."

The employees participate in the mutual funds collection


According to incomplete statistics, there are 88 people participate in the first mutual funds collection, totally raised funds of 18000 yuan,The company will take out 10000 yuan a year to mutual funds, the members of company management team also donated 5200 yuan.

The funds collected in first time


In addition, the employees are highly engaged in the activity of the mutual funds collection, even a lot of colleagues who are in business trip involved in the activity.

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