GOOD NEWS!FIDA was awarded as”Zhejiang Credit Management Model Enterprise”
Source:Fida    Time:2016-04-25

Recently,ZheJiang Enterprise Credit Promotion Association released documents to 87 enterprises in zhejiang province,notify and award them as “Zhejiang Credit Management Model enterprise.Due to the improvement of credit management,outstanding business development strategy and accelarated transformation and upgrading in 2015 , Zhejiang Universe Industry Co.,Ltd was also got this honer.

The leader from Pan’an Market administration awarded us the certification


The certification of Zhejiang credit management model enterprise


On the afternoon of April.20th,2016,The leaders from Pan’an market administration and Jinpan development area specially send the certification to Fida,hope the company make the persistent effort,keep improve the credit culture construction,and play a full part as a model enterprise,make new contribution in construction of “Credit Zhejiang province”

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