FIDA hold the contest of working skill to create a good atmosphere of “competition, learning, helpin
Source:Fida International Zhejiang Industrial Co.,Ltd    Time:2016-05-12

The contest of working skill was held in processing workshop in 12th May, 2016. It was organized by the Labor Union of Zhejiang Universe Industry CO., Ltd., the personnel department and the manufacturing management department. The chief engineer Mr. Dai was the referee.

One of employee who was in charge of the activity said “The purpose of organizing the contest is to constantly improve the operating and learning skills, further more to promote the enthusiasm for work and to enhance the spirit of cooperation among employees. So that we can create a good atmosphere of competition,learning, helping and surpassing in our company”.

According to the differences of work types and operating procedures, the competition was divided into 13 teams, including injection molding group, mould group, packaging group, sewing group, warehouse group, cleaning group, etc. These groups compete separately. In the morning of 12th May, the spring group, rope group and sewing group took part in the competition first.



In the rope group, each worker needs to fulfil the task of rounding 200 ropes. One of the worker Ye Niuniu said “I have the faith to complete the mission, but I think Mrs. Luo must be the winner, because she is experienced and fast. I will make great effort too”. Mrs. Luo was very modest. She said “They are all younger than me and work fast. I think Yujian may be the first. Anyway, we will do as best as we can.”


In the spring group, the speed of every worker is almost the same. They are very conscientious. The youngest worker in this group Gao Xingchao said “The competition makes me feel very excited. It seems that my work efficiency is higher than usual. I think Mr Xu might be the winner, because he taught me how to work when I came here first day. But I believe I can do better than him”.



In the sewing group, the atmosphere is also lively. Everyone was serious and excited.


After the competition, there were workers from quality control department to test the productions. Because good quality is always the pursuit of FIDA. In addition, the 6S in the workshop is also one of the standard for the final results.

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