【Public welfare is continuing】Staff of FIDA carry out the second phase of fund raising activity
Source:Fida International Zhejiang Industrial Co.,Ltd    Time:2016-05-17

Monthly fund raising activity was held as scheduled in 17th May, 2016. In order to save the working time, the activity was held during morning exercise time. The chairman of FIDA’s labor union Mr. Tong held the ceremony.

All the staff sanded in line to put money in the raising box. The activity is carried out in an orderly and smooth manner

According to uncompleted statistics, the participants was more 16 people compered with the first time. Although the amount of money was a little bit decreased, the enthusiasm of these staff was still high. A new employee said “I have never heard such a mutual fund in company, which is an additional guarantee for our employees. It is just like a kind of insurance. I think it is great”.

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