How to improve the door-rushing behavior of dogs that are particularly excited when they go out for a walk FIDA Pet

How to improve the door-rushing behavior of dogs that are particularly excited when they go out for a walk

How to improve the door-rushing behavior of dogs that are particularly excited when they go out for a walk



The thrill of going for a walk can often lead dogs to exhibit door-rushing behavior—rushing out the door in their eagerness to explore the world outside. Tackling this enthusiastic behavior requires consistent training and techniques to instill self-control. In this guide, we'll delve into effective methods to improve door-rushing behavior and introduce the FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH as a valuable tool to enhance the training process.

Training Tips to Improve Door-Rushing Behavior:
Recognize Excitement: Identify signs of excitement in your dog as they anticipate a walk. This awareness is essential to intervene and prevent overzealous behavior.

Prioritize Calmness:Train your dog to sit and stay calmly before opening the door. This helps establish the connection between calm behavior and the opportunity to go for a walk.

Obedience Commands: Strengthen basic commands like "sit," "stay," and "wait." Practice these commands in various settings, gradually adding distractions to simulate the excitement of walks.

Reduce Door Associations:Teach your dog that the door opening doesn't always result in an immediate walk. Open and close the door without walking out, rewarding your dog's calm reaction.

Leash-Up Ritual: Hold your dog's leash without attaching it immediately. If your dog becomes overly excited, pause and wait for them to regain their composure.

Threshold Training: Foster the habit of waiting at the doorway until given permission to proceed. Reward your dog's patience with treats and positive reinforcement.

Leash Manners Practice: Take short walks around your home to reinforce proper leash manners. If your dog starts pulling, halt and wait until they cease pulling before proceeding.

"Wait" Command: Train your dog to respond to the "wait" command, signaling them to pause before crossing the threshold. This command aids in managing their excitement.

Visual Cues: Employ visual cues such as a designated mat or spot for your dog to wait. With time, they'll associate this location with a sense of calmness.

Reward Calmness: Consistently reward calm behavior before and after walks using treats, praise, and positive reinforcement to reinforce the value of staying composed.

Consistency is Key: Maintain a consistent routine and rules across all household members to avoid confusing your dog.

Energy Management: Engage in play or exercise sessions before walks to help your dog release pent-up energy, reducing the likelihood of overexcitement at the door.


Introducing the FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH—a revolutionary tool designed to enhance door-rushing behavior training and overall walking experiences. This leash features an automatic explosion-proof impact patent design, boasting invention patents in the United States, the European Union, and China. It not only addresses running and rushing behavior but also offers a comprehensive solution for a safer and more controlled walk.

Strengthening Training Efforts:

Automatic and Manual Modes: The leash's automatic explosion-proof impact mode functions like a car seat belt, temporarily stopping the leash when your dog pulls suddenly. The manual mode provides controlled interventions from a distance.

Positive Reinforcement: Utilize the FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH as a training aid, reinforcing recall and obedience skills while maintaining close control over your dog's behavior.

Anxiety Reduction: By preventing sudden bursts of energy, this leash can contribute to reducing anxiety-driven behaviors, such as door-rushing.

With consistent training and the aid of the FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH, door-rushing behavior can be managed effectively. By combining proven techniques with innovative solutions, you can ensure your dog's safety and foster a more composed demeanor during the exciting moments of going for a walk. Embrace the journey of transforming your enthusiastic companion into a well-mannered walker, all while enjoying the bonding experience of outdoor adventures together.

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