FIDA AutoBrake Leash

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Auto Brake Leash Size Chart Fida

    *Larger size is highly recommended if dog loves pulling.

Retractable Leashes Reinvented


  • The brake button on the handle can be activated any time to lock the length of the leash.
  • When the brake button is unlocked, your dog has the freedom to move as they like.

  • Similar to the seat belts in cars, the retractable leash will automatically lock up when there is a sudden force applied to it.
  • Pull leash backwards to lock up and prevent your dog from extending the leash.

  • Similar to the ABS in cars, the retractable leash will simultaneously slow down the speed of your dog and absorb the force applied to your arm.
  • When your dog stops pulling on the leash, the tension will relax and the leash will automatically return to normal.



  • Cuts and burns.
  • Eye and face injuries.