How the Autobrake leash works?

How the Autobrake leash works?



The Autobrake Leash has obtained invention patents within the United States, the European Union, and China due to the unique patented No-Pull design functions. The Autobrake Leash can alleviate the aggressive pulling behavior of most dogs, and it has helped more than 80% of dogs with pulling behavior. The AutoBrake leash is a retractable pet leash approved and recommended by hundreds of veterinarians and dog trainers for dog behavior training and is backed by a refund and after-sale guarantee.

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Some people don't pay close enough attention when walking their dog. They will use mobile phones, listen to music, communicate with friends, take pictures, etc. When a dog encounters a stranger, an animal, or is frightened by fear, it can suddenly pull away quickly before the human knows what is happening. In such, the human’s arm could be strained along with the dog's neck, if the human can regain control of the dog quickly.

Automatic locking and Shock Absorbing mode (unlocked)

When the dog suddenly and quickly pulls away, the Auto brake leash will automatically trigger the locking device to temporarily stop the leash like a "car seat belt". If the dog does not stop pulling immediately and continues to move forward, it will automatically activate the Shock Absorbing system, slowing the pull-out of the leash to reduce around 70% of the burst force. This gives the owner and the dog double insurance, helping to prevent the dog's neck and the human arm from being injured.


Manual No-Pull mode

When you want to manually activate the No-Pull and ABS features of the leash, you can simply and quickly swing the dog leash back away from leash tension of the pulling dog. This will trigger the automatic locking system within Autobrake leash.

Normal retractable locking and un-locking mode

Push the button in and forward to lock the leash. Push the button back to unlock the leash.

Help avoid daily pulling accidents and reduce injuries

FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH is the safest retractable leash, which can effectively alleviate any dog's pulling behavior that could be caused by anxiety, fear, or excessive excitement.The AutoBrake leash can help to reduce pulling accidents and ensure the safety of pets.

Walking while training, and strengthen muscle memory

FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH is also a good training tool, allows the dog to form muscle memory after each burst is prevented, and long-term use can effectively correct the dog's pulling behavior.

The danger of sudden pulling bursts

The problem of dog’s bursting behavior can cause safety problems to many pet families.When the dog suddenly pulls, its neck will be caught by the collar, and could cause breathing difficulties, nausea, and skin abrasion, which could bring a strong sense of oppression and fear. Also, when the sudden pulling burst occurs, people may fall due with no time to react, leading to possible serious injury.


We highly recommended that you measure your dog's weight first and select the appropriate size according to the table below.

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