Some common problems that are helped with FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH

Some common problems that are helped with FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH

Some common problems that are helped with FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH



A:FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH is a positive-based training solution.

When the dog has sudden pulling bursts and the pet walker can't react quickly enough, the FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH will automatically trigger the Auto Braking mode just like found in a “cars seat belt" to temporarily lock the leash.

It provides the dog with timely, safe feedback that is ideal for combining with other positive-based training techniques to teach proper dog walking.


Q:Is the FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH based on positive solutions?

A:FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH is definitely a positive-based solution that, when used properly, does not cause any discomfort.

When the dog bursts away suddenly, the FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH can reduce the burst force by about 70%, and help to avoid injury to the humans arm, and to the dogs neck.


Q:Is there any training required to use it?

A:In most cases, no training is required. Just put the FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH on your dog and you may see an improvement when walking.

FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH can be used with FIDA NO-PULL HARNESS for additional benefits.

For some more serious cases, you should consult a professional dog trainer on how to integrate FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH into your training program.


Q:What makes the FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH better than other retractable leashes?

A:The FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH offers all of the features of a regular retractable leash, but with one key difference - it has a built-in AutoBrake technology similar to that of a "car seat belt", that locks the leash when the dog's quick-burst speed is reached.

If the dog continues to pull, it can reduce the speed of the leash like a "car brake" to ease the pulling strain.

FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH will always keep your dog within safe limits, even when those inevitable distractions are found on your walks.


Q:Is the webbing of FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH easy to break?

A:The webbing of FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH is made of high-strength polyester.

Under normal circumstances, people and dogs cannot break the leash. You must keep your dog from chewing on the leash while walking or at any other time.

Also, don't let sharp objects cut or touch the leash.

If you notice a small nick in the webbing that has been bitten/cut, please stop using it to avoid the risk of breakage.


Q:Does FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH have after-sale guarantee?

A:We offer a one-year warranty to all our customers.

If there is a problem with the leash function,please email and provide your order information so that a new FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH replacement can be sent to you.


Q:Are there any special dimensions and dog weights to be aware of?

A:Please choose the matching leash size according to the size chart.

Smaller size dogs may not be able to trigger the automatic locking system on larger size leashes.

Likewise, the AutoBrake/ABS system on smaller size leashes may not adequately control larger dogs properly.

Always choose the correct size leash to match your dog’s weight.


Q:Will the long-term use of FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH reduce the effect of burstpulling and force?

A:We have helped thousands of dogs and we rarely see FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH seem to lose its positive effect over time.

In many cases, we have seen the opposite.

By using FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH to trigger the automatic locking mode, most dogs are stopped, and muscle memory is formed.

Over time, even without FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH, the underlying symptoms are reduced, or in some cases completely eliminated.


Q:Isn't a retractable leash dangerous?

A:Retractable leashes aren't for everyone nor every dog.

But, when used properly and safely they can make walks more enjoyable for all dogs and humans involved.

FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH is the safest retractable leash ever.


Q:Does the retractable leash encourage pulling?

A:FIDA AUTOBRAKE LEASH does not trigger the "pull response" in most dogs.

Instead, it helps you relieve your dog's aggressive pulling behavior without you noticing.

FIDA AutoBrake Leash


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