How to Use FIDA Slip Lead ? FIDA Pet

How to use FIDA Slip Lead ?

How to use FIDA Slip Lead ?

As a devoted dog owner, you understand the significance of effective training tools in ensuring enjoyable strolls with your four-legged companion. If you've been grappling with leash-related issues or searching for a humane and efficient way to train your dog, your quest is over! FIDA introduces a game-changing Figure 8 Training Mode that promises to transform your dog-walking experience.

Understanding the FIDA Slip Lead

The FIDA Slip Lead is a versatile training tool that seamlessly blends the functionality of a traditional slip lead with a unique Figure 8 Training Mode. This innovative design serves as a double-edged sword, offering both comfort and safety for your furry friend.

Slip Lead Mode:

In Slip Lead Mode, the FIDA Slip Lead features a metal adjuster that puts an end to the abrupt choking action commonly associated with conventional slip leads. By correctly positioning the metal adjuster to match your dog's neck size, you can employ the lead as a slip lead without fearing it will constrict around your dog's neck.

Figure 8 Training Mode:

The real magic happens when you switch to Figure 8 Training Mode. To activate this mode, thread the lead through the Figure 8 adjuster, allowing it to gently encircle your dog's neck and snout. The Figure 8 Training Mode operates on a straightforward pressure-and-release system, subtly discouraging your dog from pulling during walks. This humane training approach fosters a serene and stress-free walking experience for both you and your loyal companion.

Note of Caution:

While the Figure 8 Training Mode can be remarkably effective for many dogs, it may not suit all canine pals, especially those unaccustomed to this form of training. If your dog exhibits signs of discomfort or unusual behavior with the Figure 8 mode, it's advisable to revert to the standard slip lead mode or seek professional guidance.

The Perks of the FIDA Slip Lead:

Effective Training: The Figure 8 Training Mode provides an effective means to instill proper leash etiquette in your dog, curbing pulling and undesirable behaviors during walks.

Enhanced Safety: In contrast to retractable leashes, which can pose risks to both you and your dog, the FIDA Slip Lead ensures a secure and controlled walking experience.

Comfortable Design: Users have praised the lead's length, texture, and thickness, ensuring comfort for both dogs and their handlers.

Elevate Your Training with FIDA:

FIDA's Slip Lead is meticulously designed with your comfort and your dog's welfare in mind. The metal adjuster ensures the leash won't suddenly constrict around your dog's neck, while the Figure 8 Training Mode offers a gentle yet effective method to refine your dog's leash manners.

The Role of Head Collars and Figure 8 Collars in Puppy Raising:

If you're nurturing a puppy and grappling with leash issues, you're not alone. Many puppy raisers confront the challenge of exuberant pups who pull and lunge during walks. While such behavior may be acceptable for some pets, it's not suitable for guide dogs or service dogs.

Picture a scenario where you can effortlessly command your puppy's attention during a walk, preventing them from darting towards other dogs or distractions. This is where head collars, including the Figure 8 Collar, come into play.

Why Opt for a Figure 8 Collar:

The Figure 8 Collar, akin to FIDA's innovative leash, diminishes your dog's inclination to pull, simplifying the management of their movement and direction during walks.
Reduced pulling affords more opportunities to praise your pup's good behavior, reinforcing their comprehension of your expectations.
As your dog matures, gains impulse control, and learns to walk politely on a leash, you can gradually reduce your reliance on the Figure 8 Collar.
A Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Figure 8 Collar:

1.Create a "P" shape in front of your dog's head with the collar to slip it over.
2. Place the round part of the P on the dog's head to form a large, loose ring.
3. Underneath the dog's head, flip the ring over to make the number 8.
4. Flip the underside of your dog’s head over their nose so that it sits comfortably in the middle.

Effective dog training tools are your ticket to pleasant walks with your furry friend. FIDA's Slip Lead and Figure 8 Collar offer innovative solutions for leash training, ensuring you and your dog can savor tranquil and controlled walks together. Say farewell to retractable leashes and greet a more enjoyable and rewarding walking experience. Your dog will thank you, and you'll eagerly anticipate your daily adventures together.


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