About us

About us


Will, the founder of FIDA:

“I remember walking my dog in the park one day and he suddenly pulled forward. The result was a strained arm and an injured dog.”

As a result, Will consulted several animal experts and behavior specialists about how to minimize the risk of injuries when on walks. However, they were unable to provide a clear solution. Will learned that many dog owners around the world were facing the same problem.

After a year of research and development, the FIDA AutoBrake Leash was created as a solution to the explosive and sudden pulling from overly excited dogs. Instead of just locking up during a sudden pull, the FIDA leash will also increase in resistance and slow down the pet. The leash has now kept thousands of owners and dogs from harm. By integrating the ABS (anti-lock braking system) technology utilized by the automobile industry, FIDA's AutoBrake leash is the safest retractable leash for you and your pets to use on walks.


When the dog runs suddenly, it’s neck will be choked by the collar, suffers from difficulty breathing, gagging, and skin abrasions, bringing a strong sense of oppression and fear. You can try strangling your own neck with your hand and feel how bad a dog's neck feels when it's hit by a burst force. When there’s a sudden burst, a person can fall over without time to react, which can seriously lead to shoulder injuries and hip pain.

Burst behavior has brought a number of safety risks to pet families, and FIDA has been looking for ways to help pets alleviate this behavior. Until founder Will put on his car's seatbelt at a quick clip, triggering the lock of the seat belt. It was such a detail that made Will think of why not add the function of "safety belt" to the retractable dog leash?

After 3 years of continuous follow-up study on more than 200 dogs, the frequency of burst was reduced in most dogs after 3 months of continuous use. After a year, most of the dogs had less burst behavior.

FIDA wants to build a safe and comfortable world for pets and pet families. The yellow and black diagonal stripes and brand colors are also like warning buffers that can be seen everywhere, reminding pet families to join us in caring for and addressing neglected injuries. 


Maybe nobody care,but we care.



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