FIDA Dog Rope Toys 4 Pack

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Maybe you do not know what‘s means if one manufacturer have produced one products-retractable leash more than 30 years

The answer is more professional, innovation and faith

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Great playtime for active puppies!

Every pet owner loves to play with their dogs.

These fun rope toys will make you have a great playtime. They are made of durable high-quality 100% cotton fabric.

Health, Durable and best way for you and your dog to get great use and enjoyment from them.

If your dog is bored......

Reduce anxiety and prevent boredom

if your sofa destroyed......

Prevent dogs from biting furniture

if your puppy love to chewing......

Durable rope toy for your puppy chewing


through Fida Rope Toys

What our toys can do?

Reduce anxiety and prevent boredom
Prevent dogs from biting furniture
Clean dog's teeth and keep mouth healthy
Prevent obesity and increase exerci


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Let's begin a tug-war

Tooth Cleaning

Clean dog's teeth and keep mouth healthy

1. In the United States, more than 1000000 dogs are killed by motor vehicles every year due to traffic accidents caused by dogs crossing the road, and many dog ​​owners are seriously injured.

2. Over the past 13 years, there has been a staggering 150% increase in the number of older adults and women injured by dog ​​punches.

3. About 4000000 dog bites or attacks are documented each year, 40-50 of these attacks are fatal, and 1/3 of the reported cases involve infants or children.

4. Insurance companies pay up to $530000000 a year for dog bites.

5. Hip fractures are the most common injury associated with dog-walking, followed by wrist and upper arm fractures. The number of injuries nationwide jumped from nearly 1,700 in 2004 to about 4,400 in 2017.

By training your dog to be a "street safe person," the safety of your dog and people is entirely up to you.


When the dog runs suddenly, it’s neck will be choked by the collar, suffers from difficulty breathing, gagging, and skin abrasions, bringing a strong sense of oppression and fear.

You can try strangling your own neck with your hand and feel how bad a dog's neck feels when it's hit by a burst force.

When there’s a sudden burst, a person can fall over without time to react, which can seriously lead to shoulder injuries and hip pain.