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Fida AutoBrake Leash

Fida AutoBrake Leash


The real purpose of using a leash to walk a dog is to keep the animal safe and under control. Extensible or retractable leashes often do the opposite.

The main argument for selling this type of dog leash is that it allows freedom of movement for the dog without the need to let it loose.

However, what appears to be an ideal option, masks many risks, which is why training experts, as well as many veterinarians, do not recommend them.

Disadvantages of Retractable Leashes

Unfortunately, there are many disadvantages to this type of leash:

Do Not Provide Effective Control Over The Dog

Generally, these leashes give a false idea of freedom. In reality, all they do is cause an excess of distance and a loss of control over the dog.

Some leashes can extend up to 30 feet, allowing dogs to stray too far from their owners, which can quickly create a dangerous situation. For example, a dog on a retractable leash is often able to run into the street or make contact with someone who may be afraid of dogs or other dogs that may be more aggressive.

Retractable leashes allow your dog to get close to other dogs that you don't know, and that is simply a risk.

As these leashes are too long, when they become fully extended, you are not in full control of the situation. Imagine for a minute that you detect a dangerous dog approaching. How could you manage to control your dog quickly if the leash is fully stretched?

Besides, other pet owners may not want their dogs to greet each other with yours for a variety of reasons, including the health and safety of your dog.

Sudden Injuries

These injuries are related to the jolt that comes from the sudden pull on the elastic mechanism. If for any reason, your dog suddenly runs, pulling the leash until the line is exhausted, the owner might end up with a severe injury to the shoulder.

Dogs have also received terrible injuries as a result of sudden pulls when the leash line is exhausted, including neck wounds, lacerated tracheas, and spinal injuries.

Also, if a dog walker becomes entangled in a retractable leash, or tries to wrap the cord with his/her hand, it could result in burns, cuts, and even amputations. Many people end up falling when the leash becomes entangled in their feet. These accidents might lead to broken bones, bruises, and other injuries.

The leash can become entangled in your dog, a cyclist, or someone else and cause tripping, burns, cuts, and even suffocation from the leash cord.

Acquisition of Bad Walking Habits:

The risks of the dog leash are not only physical but can also create behavioral problems, as the dog learns to walk erratically, without going next to the owner. Your dog must learn to walk beside you without pulling on the leash.

The World Needs Safer Retractable Leashes

Traditional retractable leashes are often associated with many injuries. Their mechanism of action does not provide the safety we need when walking our pets.

For this reason, the world needs safer retractable leashes. So you can walk your dog with confidence and knowing that both you and your dog will be safe. The objective here - enjoy a pleasant walk with your dog, not end up with an injury. Walking your dog does not need to become a headache.

Safety and comfort are the two fundamental factors to consider when choosing the ideal leash for your dog. This accessory should be strong enough to ensure that the animal cannot get loose. It must also be a safe and harmless mechanism for both the pet and its owner.

As for the owner, he must be comfortable with the selected leash model. After all, the leash is going to come as an extension of our arm.

The reasons we need safer retractable leashes are simple:

Better control over our dog.

To prevent unnecessary accidents.

Enhance communication with our dog.

Create a bond of trust between the two.

Correct behavioral problems.

Enjoy pleasant walks with our furry friends.

Fida AutoBrake Leash

The good news is that Fida has created the smartest leash in the world. Fida leash is the only retractable leash that has an ABS auto brake system.

This new technology helps to protect you and your dog from the many problems posed by old retractable leashes.

Its handle features a brake button that can be engaged at any time to lock the length of the leash. The Fida AutoBrake Leash also features a speed restraint system that locks automatically when a sudden force is applied. It also features an anti-lock braking system that reduces your dog's speed automatically, absorbing the force exerted to your arm.

Fida AutoBrake Leash has been developed to solve the issues associated with former retractable leashes.

For more details and to obtain the Fida AutoBreak Leash go to

Your life partner needs to satisfy his curiosity and enjoy his daily adventure. Going out into the street will be a limitless source of diverse stimuli that will make him feel distracted following tracks, discovering new smells, sensations, and objects.

A walk is a useful tool for your dog to manage emotions. Just like people, dogs also suffer from anxiety. Any physical activity will be perfect for him to channel all his energy and release it. Dogs must exercise.

Besides, your dog needs to learn how to relate to other people, other dogs, and generally get used to interacting with different objects and environments.

These activities should not pose a risk either to the dog nor its owner. All you need is the right leash!

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