Gravity to the "Star", Companionship is the Best Cure

Gravity to the "Star", Companionship is the Best Cure

We are always used to playing multiple roles in our lives.
Those emotions that are not easy to be detected.
Those occasional lonely moments in the adult world.
In retrospect, it was no different.
The only memory that overlaps is the one around you.
What does a dog mean to you?
We don't define the answer because we are looking for it.
We don't engrave emotions, only tell you what we feel.

Guests of this issue

"I am a teacher who teaches children with autism, those "children from the stars". I am surrounded by a group of simple and beautiful children at work, and I am accompanied by clingy yiyi at home. Such days are really happy. "——Xu Xiaoqi

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Yiyi: 6 years old this year, the youngest "girl" in the family

Meet incomparable beauty

Yiyi is the first dog Xiao Qi adopted.

On September 21, 2015, a sunny afternoon, she came to my home! At that time Yiyi is very small, remember to see her first words is: why have such a black puppy dog. Yiyi is really lively. As soon as she arrived, she visited all the places in the house. I even made her a small ball toy by hand. Most of the time, I think dogs are very similar to the children I contact, and they are not good at expressing their emotions. When I work, I usually play catch ball and play house with children to express my love through role play. If you take the time to get close and understand, you will find that children have a wonderful little world in their hearts, the same innocence, the same need for protection.

Stars, though far away, still twinkle. This may be the subtle fate between Xiaoqi and Yiyi.

I'm yiyi's favorite

"When I was a child, I thought the yellow dog was protecting me like a big sister always standing by my side and growling when strangers approached me. Now I have grown up, I take care of Yiyi like a sister and get along with her like a child in school. She is the most cosseted one at home. Every time the temperature changes in the season, my grandparents have arranged it before I noticed the need to change the mat. My younger brother and sister would play with her as soon as they came back from school. But luckily, I'm yiyi's favorite."

Always protected by dogs when she was a child, and now take good care of the dogs, so even if the roles are changed, Xiaoqi and Yiyi are two-way relationship.

If there had to be a definition

"We never leave Yiyi alone anyway,take her wherever we go. Since we got Yiyi, our family seems to find a reason to go home. To use a metaphor, she is like the pulling rope of the home atmosphere, weaving every day with emotion, every picture is not absent."

If there had to be a definition, Yiyi is the ever-burning light in the house, giving unconditional love and patience to illuminate Xiao Qi's way home.

Companionship becomes more powerful when it is infused with emotion and responsibility.

"The grass is bearing its seeds; the wind is shaking its leaves. We both stood silent."

In Gu cheng's poems, companionship is so simple and beautiful, just like xiaoqi and Yiyi getting along. From large and small parks near their home to outdoor scenic spots full of free atmosphere, they enjoyed many firsts together: the first swimming, the first mountain climbing, the first travel, the first snow, the first car, the first camping... Of course, there will be more next time. 

First team building

"I love to record the moments we get along, but Yiyi always seems to move at the exact moment the shutter is clicked, which is really like a naughty child. We always stand out in all the photos. I later recorded videos, it was really hard to take a picture!"

First time climbing

First time rafting

The only place Yiyi wanted to be is by my side

Xiao Qi has to spend more time with and guiding children due to her daily work, and she is eager for more people to pay attention to and accept autistic people. This kind of attention is not deliberately difference and goodwill.Treating them as ordinary people is true respect.

"Recently, I was preparing for the World Autism Awareness Day, couldn't see Yiyi for a long time. However, no matter how long we were apart, yiyi was always happy to see me, flying with her little tail.It seems that where I am is the only place she wants to be. What Yiyi means to me is that I feel like I'm doing something right and meaningful."

Lively dogs X-change

Xiao Qi and Lively Yiyi's daily relationship is not meant to be ordinary.

"She doesn't react to cars or anything like that, but when she sees other dogs, especially her best friend, or a neighbor who likes her, she wants to run over and play. Once, I pulled the muscle of my right arm in order to hold Yiyi during the burst. To this day, I am glad that it was not grandpa and sister who were out walking the dog at that time, otherwise it would not have been such a simple muscle injury. Later, I noticed the brand of FIDA Flying Dog when I searched for the leash, because I had never seen the design of Autobrakebefore."

Is it really instant sensing, auto-locking and buffering?

Xiao Qi holds the mentality of better than nothing -- even if the function is not so practical at least the appearance is good, bought a generation of Autobrake Leash, after using several times, her attitude began to change...

"Autobrake system is indeed not a marketing gimmick, but a real and effective way to reduce the damage caused by the dog's rushing behavior. The rope will be automatically locked as soon as it senses rushing, and even if the dog continues to run, it will pass the rope After the deceleration buffer, Yiyi and I could hardly feel the effort of pulling. The grip is also very comfortable. This is actually very important for walking the dog for a long time. If it is uncomfortable for a long time, the hand will be very tired. "

Now, it is the 4th year that Xiaoqi uses FIDA Autobrake Leash.

"It has been more than 3 years, and now the frequency of dog bursts has obviously decreased. My grandfather is 73 years old and my sister is 10 years old. When they walk the dog, they have never been unable to pull the dog. Seriously, this function is very useful for people and people. Dogs are all protection, giving freedom and at the same time ensuring safety. FIDA Autobrake Leash has played a great role in improving yiyi's aggressive behavior."

My selfish desire is to stay with Yiyi for a long time

"The most painful thing is to take Yiyi to have her neutered. At that time, I consulted many pet doctors and they all said that the probability of uterine fibroids after neutering is lower, so I chose to take yiyi to have her neutered. She was taken into the operating room and she looked stunned and I'll never forget it, and when she woke up she was so weak and her eyes were flickering at me. To this day, I feel very guilty about that moment. I don't want her to get the knife, but I hope she can stay with me for longer. This is my selfishness."

In the name of love, Xiao Qi's blatant selfishness

It is also the "peace of mind" that FIDA has always insisted on providing to every pet family.


"Every character I've ever played, the subtext is love you."In xiaoqi and Yiyi's story, protecting each other is an expression of love, sincere and strong.Xiao Qi guards the children from the stars, and Yiyi is her healer.FIDA,on the premise of love and freedom for more "Xiao Qi & Yiyi" to tie the bond of safety.

Closed heart door, there will be many like Xiao Qi general warm people to slowly open.The emotional barrier will be melted by the company of more dogs like Yiyi.Ultimately, it will inspire our respect and love for life.So express your love to your heart's content, companionship is the best cure.

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