Healing Blind Box, Unexpectedly Open Limited Hidden Items FIDA Pet

Healing Blind Box, Unexpectedly Open Limited Hidden Items

Healing Blind Box, Unexpectedly Open Limited Hidden Items


We are always used to playing multiple roles in our lives

Those emotions that are not easy to be detected

Those occasional lonely moments in the adult world

In retrospect it was no different

The only memory that overlaps is the one around you


What does a dog mean to you?

We don't define the answer because we are looking for it.

We don't engrave emotions, only tell you how we feel.

Our new Guests ——Natto & Maodou

Maodou4 years old, a border collie with a "pirate face"

"I am a professional retoucher. In the ever-changing world, Maodou is the 'only constant', and she came to me like a gift, supporting me to become a deeper and more complete version of myself. "——Natto

#dog character card#


A surprise hidden in a gift box

The appearance of Maodou is like a limited hidden item drawn from a mystery boxes.

"Maodou was a gift from my friend. At that time, I was suffering a dark period, which caused serious psychological trauma. My friend give a dog to accompany me in order to make me feel better. I still remember on that day, there were only two border collies left in the original owner's house. Lying neatly in a gift box, one with a standard pattern, and the other is pirate face. At the time I thought she looked ugly but very lively, out of health I chose Maodou . In the days Maodou accompanied me, I became more happier and more accepting of life.

Maodou ‘s surprise magic is that she can frozen Natto's mood before the moment when it’s close to endless sadness .


Give me absolute love and honesty

Humans may hide themselves for a variety of reasons, but dogs can be emotionally honest.

"On the first night when Maodou came to the house, she was sniffing on the floor. I reached out and touched her back to tell that here was safe, and she brought little head close to me and licked me, breathing hot. Not long after we met, Maodou started to trust me.This feeling of being trusted made me feel at ease, and I don’t lost sleep since that day."

For Natto, it takes more than a constant exchange of words. Even an act of understanding and trust can give her just the right amount of strength and courage.


It is my "scared up" child

The following is the natto raise "baby" first experience.

"As a first-time dog owner and inexperienced, I taught Maodou like my own child. The most guilty thing is that she was very naughty, love to turn the trash can, very unsanitary easy to get sick. People who have dogs told me should correct her behavior by stick, I always threaten her with violence (though I don't really hit her). Then six months later, I realized that Maodou seemed to fear me rather than to convince me.T o this day I have been compensating for the fear of casting a shadow on her."

Arms are no longer "ripped off"

Gradually, Natto developed a new routine: wake up for work, take Maodou out to play, eat, nap, and repeat. As she went out more and more, Natto found that the mood was more exhilarating than just staying in her room. While there are new expectations, of course there are also "little accidents".

"I often take Maodou for walks and theme parks. When Maodou was about one year old, she was so young and liked to chase cars. She  also had problems with bursting. I didn't take it seriously at first but always endured it. It felt like the arm was being pulled hard, until one time she saw someone's car starting to pulling insane. At that time, it really felt that the whole arm was about to be pulled off. This may be the most distressing time for girls to raise a large dog. That's how I build up my strength.

Fida constructs a common "safe zone"for Natto and Maodou

In this area, Maodou bursting behavior has been effectively improved, natto from home to the city outdoor harvest freedom. Love and freedom, this is the true meaning of protecting Human and Pet safety.

My first retractable leash is from FIDA, I feel very comfortable. Sometimes I go out for walking the dog, I don't feel tired for a long time, but that has no Autobrake function. Out of trust in the quality, I bought the Autobrake Leash.  Maodou used it for two and a half years since 8 months. It is obvious that the dog's explosive force has been greatly reduced! When the Maodou bursts, my arm hardly needs to be strained, the rope can control the speed, and my arm will never be "pulled off" again."


The sense of security that I no longer avoid the world

Later, the bursts decreased, and natto spent most of her time riding and running on a leash after they were completely claim.

"When we stay together, there is nothing but warmth and happiness. "Hachiko" is watched with Maodou, Maodou also has that kind of loyalty, maybe this is the nature of dogs. Every time I wanted to leave for a short time, he stayed there and waited for me to return. At only four months old, it took me by surprise. Every time another dog is around, he senses something strange and flies all the way over to kick him. Rightness still have is once I constipation, expression clenched, Maodou thought I how, bring own toy to me, this peacetime really had not trained it ha ha ha."

In fact, Natto's occasional bad mood is also like a stalking dog, Maodou will always be the first time to detect and fearless rushed forward to scare it off. That unwavering, brave love gave Natto a sense of affirmation of her own worth, but also let her no longer avoid the security of the world.



"I'm safe around it, just to be myself."

Natto and Maodou don't seem to have much verbal communication

But Maodou knows exactly what Natto needs, right

And always give an accurate response and unwavering support

A silent companion and a silent listener

No man is an island

We all need an emotional connection

Fida, wish every natto can have their own "Maodou"

Love in it, enjoy it!

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