FIDA×CIPS 2023|The Standout Travel Style, Defined by Yourself FIDA Pet

FIDA×CIPS 2023|The Standout Travel Style, Defined by Yourself

FIDA×CIPS 2023|The Standout Travel Style, Defined by Yourself


China International Pet Aquarium Exhibition (CIPS) has been successfully concluded from May 26 to 29. As the strongest international comprehensive industry exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, CIPS has the most complete global supply chain and mainly focuses on trade and cross-border cooperation and exchanges, gradually becoming an international professional exchange platform for pet industry personnel.

More than 60,000 kinds of products were displayed in this exhibition, which is concentration of quality and innovation. Fida also has a more novel and active performance in this exhibition...

At the exhibition, Fida became a "color master" full of rendering power and introduced a new color scheme for the led leash. Inspired by natural fresh fruit, the combination of color contrast blends the outgoing liveliness with inner clarity and has a light texture.

The colors are not enough for your eyes? Then look at the led leash, a touch-controlled RGB breath light band with over 1,000 color variations. The led light can focus on the 5-meters range, providing a stable lighting effect like a flashlight at night.

As a national pet brand focusing on the safety of pets, Fida not only aims to establish a safe connection between pets and humans but also aims to create a more personalized travel experience.

Fida hopes to deepen its relationship with domestic and overseas partners, actively explore new ways of cooperation, and strengthen strategic cooperation with global agents and distributors through face-to-face communication at this exhibition, to promote the further development of Fida in the field of pet products.

As the first launch after the epidemic, it is not difficult to find from CIPS that more and more overseas buyers have entered China and approached the domestic pet industry. Since its establishment, Fida has experienced the development process from scratch to excellent with the pet industry in China.

Since the opening of OEM/ODM business in China last year, Fida has reached cooperation with many well-known brands in the industry. In the future, Fida will further explore new business growth points such as brand co-branding, co-development, small-batch customization, etc., to achieve product integration and business upgrading in all dimensions.

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