Fida in Zoomark, the Intelligent Pet Life Combines Technological Aesthetics FIDA Pet

Fida in Zoomark, the Intelligent Pet Life Combines Technological Aesthetics

Fida in Zoomark, the Intelligent Pet Life Combines Technological Aesthetics


Zoomark International in Bologna, Italy, is Europe's leading pet industry event and a reference point for the global pet market. From raw materials to packaging, from supply chain to logistics services, the exhibits cover a wide range of objects. 

FIDA hopes to work with industry partners from all over the world to explore and get familiar with the latest trends in the field of pet intelligence, and get more ideas and inspiration from the forefront of the industry.

Following the debut of a series of smart products at the Global Pet Expo 2023 in the United States, FIDA also brought several smart water dispensers to the European audience. The automatic circulation water purification function allows pets to drink clean water at any time, providing a more scientific and healthy feeding experience for pet owners.

During the exhibition, FIDA was interviewed by local media, highlighting the new retractable rope with dazzling touch light effect——led leash. This product can provide night lighting, and its development concept is still around "safety" The same theme, escort pet night travel, attracted the attention of many visitors at the exhibition.

It has a bilateral RGB breathing lamp and high permeability LED spotlight, 1000+ color changing light effect, and 5M distance irradiation range, both personalized and safe, which can meet the needs of pets in the night travel scene traction.

In addition, FIDA was invited to attend the dinner for ZOOMARK's 20th anniversary, which was the first time that FIDA showed its new intelligent product direction in the European market after the pandemic. At the same time, we had in-depth communication with well-known companies in the industry, which enhanced our trust and business relationship.

Both ZOOMARK's past 20 years and FIDA's past 32 years are a process of development and common progress in the process of change. In the future, FIDA will continue to adjust and optimize its own business, and continue to provide more safe, reliable, and convenient products and services for more pet families.

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