FIDA Brand Overseas VI Refresh Upgrade INTERZOO Exhibition Official Debut FIDA Pet

FIDA Brand Overseas VI Refresh Upgrade INTERZOO Exhibition Official Debut

FIDA Brand Overseas VI Refresh Upgrade INTERZOO Exhibition Official Debut



The gathering place for the global pet industry

After four years, Interzoo has gathered 1,366 exhibitors from 59 countries, bringing the latest pet products and industry information to the beginning of a 4-day exchange of pet products. The exhibition gathers high-quality, high-value and high-tech products from the world's well-known brands, focusing on the cutting-edge trends of future global pet products.

Where the booth is, where the treasure is. Even though there are too many categories in the whole venue, you can still notice FIDA at booth NO.7-321.Bright new booth design, innovative new products, as well as the crowd of visitors. In order to meet the diversified needs of users, FIDA showed a variety of the Autobrake theme products and FD52 series new products. In addition to capturing these highlights, FIDA's spectacular debut has more high-energy performances...

FIDA overseas brand VI new launch

FIDA was founded in 1991 and has been committed to making the world's best retractable leash for more than 30 years. Since the beginning of the pandemic, FIDA has been aggressively expanding overseas markets. It is not only the first domestic brand to enter into PetSmart, the largest specialty pet retailer in the United States, but also entered into ALDI in Germany as its own brand.

"Build a safe world for your pet" is more than just a slogan. FIDA's original design of the Autobrake Leash can effectively correct your dog's impulse behavior, and reduce the harm caused to people and pets. With the continuous polishing and upgrading of products, as well as the real experience and feelings of users, FIDA has accumulated a large number of loyal customers throughout the US and European markets, and has gradually become the preferred equipment for pet safety travel.

Following the relaxation of overseas epidemic prevention and control this year, after attending the GPE exhibition in March, FIDA went to Nuremberg, Germany. FIDA launched a brand new VI system at INTERZOO.

FIDA brand logo has been upgraded from red and black to a bold yellow and black color scheme, which continues FIDA's consistent brand vision -- protecting pet families with safety. In addition to the color change of the brand logo, the brand slogan has also been upgraded from "The inventor of the AUTOBRAKE" to "Pet Family, Perfect Life".

This also means that FIDA's global layout has integrated into the travel scene where its core product——the Autobrake Leash is located. Fida has expanded it’s  product categories from the outside in to all aspects of a pet's life. Not only is it more in line with FIDA's overseas brand positioning, but also echoes the global strategy of expanding from retractable leash to the whole category.

Hi~Let's reintroduce ourselves: FIDA, inventor of explosion-proof thrust traction rope!


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