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FIDA Showcased at the Global Pet Exhibition, Heading to the Home of the Pet Era

In this warm spring, the internationally influential Global Pet Expo was held in Orlando, USA. FIDA brought many innovative products to the exhibition and gained the joy of meeting with the pet industry.

The Global Pet Expo is one of the top events in the global pet products industry, bringing together thousands of exhibitors and more than 150,000 professional visitors from more than 100 countries and regions.

Orlando, USA

In the past "Epidemic period", FIDA has been working against the trend and has never missed the opportunity to share market trends and insights into innovative research and development with industry members at the global pet products Show.

In this exhibition, FIDA brought a new pet smart series product line. It covers intelligent feeders, intelligent water dispensers, intelligent litter boxes, and other products, which can not only help pet owners deal with daily affairs such as feeding, going out, and cleaning but also provide a brand new solution for better training of pet behavior habits and comprehensive ability.

At the same time, it also represents the intelligent direction of FIDA. In the future, FIDA will be committed to providing smarter and safer pet products and services for global consumers, to improve the happiness of pet-raising life.

In addition to several smart pet products debuting at the show, the outdoor travel category under a variety of new retractable leashes including led leashes and look leashes also attracted a large number of viewers to come to consult experience, harvest a lot.

Intelligence has become an important development direction of the global pet industry. In Global Pet Expo, FIDA demonstrated its strong intellectual manufacturing strength and innovation ability, which won a lot of attention and recognition.

The intelligent improvement of FIDA can provide more high-quality and personalized services in pet health, pet entertainment, and pet life, and meet the needs of more and more pet owners for intelligence and facilitation.

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